Rick October 28, 2017 Altrincham

I finally decided to attempt to begin to learn the Polish language a couple of years ago. Thanks to Basia what is a daunting task for any novice of the language has been made so much easier and enjoyable! Basia combines the right amount of study with fun also, which gives a really well rounded lesson and ensures that every class is a stepping stone to becoming more proficient in both speaking and writing. By far the best decision I ever made about learning Polish! Polecam z calego serca!

Evelyn January 24, 2018 Manchester

I have been attending Saturday morning classes for approx. 6 weeks and really enjoy them. Basia is an excellent teacher, is very in tune with her students' strengths and weaknesses, offers great encouragement throughout the whole lesson and has a flare for making the sessions interesting, enjoyable, fun, challenging and educational. Polish grammar is very difficult to comprehend and Basia explains everything with patience coupled with motivational encouragement.

Ewa November 25, 2017 Manchester

Barbara ma niesamowite podejscie do dzieci- uczyla moja corke wraz z innyi dziecmi jezyka polskiego - dzieciaki byly zachwycone nie mogly doczekac sie kolejnej lekcji - teraz czekamy na wznowienie lekcji - mam nadzieje ze wkrotce Karolcia juz sie nie moze doczekac

KLAUDIA October 6, 2017 Pologne

Je voudrais dire que Barbara Kizelbach est vraiment un bon prof. Elle est capable d'encourager ses apprenant à la réflexion métacognitive. Cet enseignante a de la vocation. Elle transmet son savoir en éveillant l'intérêt d'un apprenant et en enseignant des expressions de la langue courante, mais pas seulement.
Connaissant toutes les qualités des cours de Barbara je vous conseille y participer.

Chciałam wyznać, że Barbara Kizelbach jest bardzo dobrym nauczycielem. Potrafi wzbudzić u uczniów refleksję nad własną nauką. Jest to nauczyciel z powołania. Potrafi przekazać swoją wiedzę jednocześnie wzbudzając zainteresowanie nauką i ucząc przydatnych wyrażeń z języka codziennego, ale nie tylko. Jeśli poznaliście już zalety zajęć z Basią nie zostaje Wam nic innego, jak tylko zapisanie się na nie.

JasonJaaon June 19, 2018 kportStocortStock

I've enjoyed and developed my understanding of Polish a great deal so far in every lesson thanks to Barbara's obvious skill, passion, patience and dedication to teach.

Ullah Amin October 5, 2017 Manchester

I learn Polish Language every Saturday and my teacher is Barbara. She is the best teacher ever.

Michal Woszczyk September 9, 2017 Stockport Website

I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I have been with your approach and teaching methods. Thank you!

Ken September 30, 2017 Whitefield

I study every Saturday with Basia and I have to say that I enjoy it very much. She teaches a very difficult language in an enjoyable and practical way. For someone not used to learning languages I find her methods very helpful.

Lukasz October 6, 2017 Heaton Chapel

Barbara is the best teacher I`ve ever had. The website is brilliant !! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to quickly improve his English.

Bogna October 6, 2017 Stockport

Bardzo pomocna strona, jest bardzo przydatna w nauce języków obcych. Również pani Barbara jest bardzo miłą i dobrą nauczycielką różnych języków. Polecam.

Mark Medwecki November 4, 2017 Altrincham

I finally did something about trying to improve my Polish so I have been attending Basia's Saturday morning classes since September 2017 and also have private lessons with her. Her lessons are excellent; they are always thoughtfully prepared and I feel that not only have do I make progress after each one but also feel encouraged to study more in my spare time. It is obvious she thinks long and hard about each lesson so that I will derive the maximum amount of benefit from each one. I really appreciate these lessons and consider myself very fortunate to have found such an effective teacher. I am looking forward to more lessons with Basia and I am confident of making significant progress in my Polish ability.

Maggie December 30, 2017 Manchester Website

Barbara is an excellent Teacher. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve his English. Her methods are absolutely brilliant and helpful! 🙂
Thank you Basia :):):)

Karen October 30, 2017 Manchester

I've been learning Polish since March this year, I have attended the Saturday classes with Basia and also have private lessons with her. She is a great teacher, she makes learning fun with engaging content and games, has endless patience and is great at knowing when you need more time on a subject or when you're ready to move on. Polish isn't the easiest language to learn and if I was trying on my own I would have probably given up by now but Basia is really encouraging and supportive.

Wioleta September 27, 2017 MANCHESTER

Barbara jest naprawde dobra w tym co robi. Ma świetne podejście do ucznia, naprawdę gorąco polecam.

Mike October 7, 2017 Wigan

I attend Basia’s Saturday morning adult Polish class at Polska Szkola in St Anthony’s Catholic School in Urmston, Manchester at the same time that my children attend the Polish Language School. It is really great and Basia’s teaching seems to keep getting better and better - the effort that she clearly puts into preparing for lessons making the lessons very enjoyable as well as beneficial! Somehow she also manages to cater so well for a class that has varying levels of Polish language experience! Many thanks Basia – keep up the good work please!

Aisha October 22, 2017 Manchester

I had a few lessons with Basia on skype and would highly recommend her services. She is a very good Teacher and helped me a lot to improve my English.

Anna September 7, 2017 Manchester

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. I wish we had found you sooner!

Keith October 24, 2017 Middleton

I also attend Basia’s Saturday morning classes and have done for almost two years now. Initially I was quite apprehensive due to a bad experience attending night classes with Cactus, I can safely say Basia’s lessons are on a different level, Basia has lots of patience and manages to make each and very lesson fun and interesting. Highly recommended.

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